Nature's Inspired Macrame was started back in 2021 by me, Daiva. I've always been creative and musical from early years and following this natural calling, all my school and college years back in my home country Latvia, have been filled with performing arts and craft making. After moving to the UK in summer 2012, It seemed like my creative side took a bit of a back seat and my full time job and everyday duties took over. Several years ago me and my husband bought our first ever home together, we had our daughter and after a while all my creative side seemed to come flooding back. My mind was full of ideas and I started making decors for all our newly decorated rooms. My family and friends all loved my creations I was making and said that I should advertise them and start selling. So that's exactly what I did! In February 2021 I created my Facebook and Instagram pages and started connecting with other makers and my new potential customers. And within days I sold my first wall decor. Wow, what an amazing feeling that was! My decors have proven to be very popular for home decor, gifts, weddings and photoshoots. Nature's Inspired Macrame is now my full time job and I love it! My creations are all about connecting with nature and your inner bohemian soul and materials used in my makes are all natural - starting from recycled cotton cords to dried and sanded wood branches.

Thank you very much for stopping by!